Success Stories

Success Stories

As we quite often say, SUCCESS MATTERS…

Sold an aviation repair and manufacturing company to a large privately held company who wished to obtain more business with a key customer. This type of buyer was in a position to offer the seller the highest and best price for the company. The former owner received a desired one-year employment agreement to oversee the business relocation and customer transitions.

The owner of a specialty supply and manufacturing firm for custom doors decided to retire and trusted WSA to find the right buyer who would keep operations in the same location and take care of his workforce. The new owner brought the desired price for the business as well as the energy, vision, and care for the employees. The buyer was so pleased with the transaction and transition process that he threw a retirement party for the former owner that involved the entire company and the WSA advisory team.

Assisted an owner in the recycling industry in selling the business to an internal employee. After vetting the business in the marketplace, the winning bid was received from an internal employee. By involving WSA, the process could be negotiated in a professional and businesslike manner and the owner was confident he realized the best price for his business.

Trucking company that specializes in the hauling of construction materials and heavy equipment and had minority ownership status was successfully transitioned to a new owner with minority status allowing important contracts to transfer seamlessly and not need costly renegotiation. This deal structure also allowed thousands of dollars to be saved in not having to relicense vehicles, pay registration fees, and rehire drivers.

A Fall Protection company that designed and installed safety equipment was successfully sold to an international firm that was quietly seeking companies in the US. The former Owner and President continues to run day-to-day operations four years later receiving a great salary and knowing his retirement funds are secure.

Represented the seller of a plastic injection molding company with a tooling division in the sale of his business to an investor group. Years later, when the Investor group desired to sell off the tooling division, they reached out to us to handle that sale. We viewed that as a great compliment.

Represented the selling owners of a third-generation company that made architectural embellishments. A successful transaction was consummated when we found the owner of a similar company for which this company was a good fit. The owner understood the artistic nature and craftsmanship involved in this business and elected to keep the plant open and all of the employees based in the 130-year-old company in Chicago, IL.