Selling a Business

Selling a Business takes Time and Preparation

Think of us as your quarterback. We want you to be involved and understand the steps along the way, yet allow you to time to focus on your business during the process, because maintaining your businesses performance during the sale is critical.

Information Gathering


Responding to Interest


Due Diligence Process

Closing Process

Selling a business is a complicated process that involves discipline and coordination with your team of advisors.

Water Street Advisors employs a disciplined process for gathering information to put together the marketing materials and investment thesis that will be presented to potential buyers.

With your help we curate a list of potential buyers to develop a pool of candidates which we contact. We strive to understand what an ideal buyer looks like from your perspective and to fulfill your vision for the legacy of the company.

Once we identify interested parties, we begin negotiating on your behalf to obtain your desired goals, whether that be the highest price, keeping your employees employed or negotiating for key employees to have critical positions.

This effort also includes managing the due diligence process, overseeing the negotiation of the purchase agreement, and finally, ensuring that the closing happens smoothly and without any unexpected surprises.

Considering Selling?

We can help anticipate and address the unexpected twists and turns that may come up. Know that we are there with you every step of the way.


In addition to the services listed above, we can assist in establishing the price range for your business. We also have connections to lending sources we can recommend to buyers needing financing, attorneys, accountants, and wealth managers. None of these advisors are directly connected to Water Street Advisors.


A formal valuation can be useful in certain circumstances. However, we find what business owners typically want to know is how much money, in current economic conditions, will a buyer pay for their business.

Because we are keeping abreast of M&A news, always have clients of different sizes in different industries, and prospective buyers contacting us with the types of businesses they are seeking, we have a good feel for the price range in which a business will sell.


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Selling a Business