When considering the sale or acquisition of a business there are many factors to consider such as industry, size, location, customer mix, workforce, financial history and future forecasts.


Water Street Advisors can speak to factors to consider in the sale or acquisition of a business such as industry, size, location, customer mix, workforce, financial history and future forecasts and assess how they might impact the offers received or the price to be presented.

By staying on top of our industry through daily dealings and various news sources, we have a solid grasp of the current values of businesses. We will explain every step in the selling or buying process and predict all the speed bumps that might be encountered along the way, anticipate questions you may have, and prepare you for everything involved during the transaction.

CEO Services

Losing a CEO can be a serious blow to a company, especially in the Lower Middle Market; finding a replacement and insuring continuity of operations can take precious time. Our CEO Service offers a critical solution to this problem with access to deeply experienced CEOs who can assist a company temporarily, not only to fix issues and provide continuity, but to bring industry proven practices where appropriate to grow the company and to create value. They can also assist in recruiting a permanent CEO.

Employees / Employer

Selling a business to an employee or buying a business from your employer or the family that owns it may seem simple on the surface but having an advisor in your corner to manage the negotiation process can be the difference between success and wasting a lot of time and money. If this is not done correctly, it can potentially alienate your star employee or your CEO.

We can assist you with this process in a professional and confidential way by taking the conversation out of the workplace and keeping it above the daily demands of your respective roles in the company.